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Customer Reviews

“Just wanted to tell you I received the ip4 silver case today. Love it!! The machining is done perfectly. I am one of the ip4 owners not experiencing the death grip problem so this case doesn’t effect my reception in any way. I hope you are very successful with this product. Your other items look awesome also. Ordered on Oct. 2nd and received Thurs. the 7th. Packaging is super!! Allen wrench and extra screws make this a super buy.”

-Kurt in Folsom, CA

“I recently received your case, and just want to say that I love it. It is very well designed, and built. I’m very impressed by the quality.”

-Ben in Portland, OR

“I actually just received one of your machined iPhone 4 cases and I have to say that it’s the greatest case that has ever been. It looks sexy, is super solid and slides easily in and out of pockets… once again, best case ever…”

-Mike in Whitestone, NY

“I had the case on since Saturday and all I can say is that it’s an amazing case. Excellent feel and look and I am completely happy with the purchase. Great job designing the case. The best part is all the ‘Where did you get that?’, ‘That case is beast.’, and ‘Holy sh*t that’s a nice case!’ everyone says. And I will be ordering another one. …Thanks again for making such a great case. ”

-Michael in Westbury, NY

“I just got one of your 4g cases (in red). Crikey, she’s a beauty! …I hope you make a million bucks. Technology is a moral virtue to me, as is art. In making these cases you beautify a machine that thousands of people worked their asses off to create. Thank you.”

-Glen in Long Beach, CA

“I just received my iPhone 4 cases and I love them. Enjoying it to the fullest. I will be recommending your cases to everyone I know. Just a big thanks for great customer service and awesome creation.”

-Anna in Dallas, TX

“Thank you! It’s very cool!!!!”

-Kensei in Japan

“It’s a beautiful case and very good quality. I really like it, Thank you.”

-Ekachai in Australia

“Hey guys just got my case in the mail and just wanted to let you guys know that case is great and I love it. …I was very impressed with the build quality.”

-Greg in Naperville, IL

“Have your silver case already. Great case!! Dropped the phone from the roof 9 feet onto a tile patio! Saved the phone! I tell everyone that asks about your website. And they do ask. …Thanks!”

-Jeff in San Antonio, TX

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General Questions

How do you pronounce Karas?
It’s pronounced care-us
Who is Kara?
The shop is named after the owner, Bill Karas, there is no “Kara”.
Where are your products made?
All of our products are designed and manufactured by us in Mesa, Arizona.
Do you make other products besides pens?
We used to make phone cases and some other items, but we are focusing on writing instruments.
I have something I want made, can you do it?
We may be able to help you with production work, but not small jobs. Please contact us for details if you have questions.
Are you looking for dealers for your products?
Yes, we are always looking for dealers for our products. Please contact us for details.

Machined Pens and Nibs

What refills do your pens take?
Our pens fit different refills depending on the model. Compatible refills are listed in the product description of each pen.
Do your pens come with ink cartridges installed?
Yes they do! Each pen comes with a refill so that you can get writing right away. We do also sell several refills separately if you need an extra or want to try something new.
Do you recommend specific ink for fountain pens?
We do not recommend specific inks or brands of ink for use with our fountain pens. The ink does need to be fountain pen ink as opposed to India ink or other liquid inks, as those inks are not designed and developed for safe use with fountain pens. We do NOT recommend inks that contain “glitter” or inks branded as “shimmer” inks, even those in which the maker advertises them as “safe for fountain pens”. Use of these inks in our fountain pens will void the warranty and exchange policy on the nib and could void the warranty on the pen itself. If you are unsure of the ink you are using please use our contact form and ask us if your preferred ink is safe with your pen..
The color of my pen looks slightly different than the photos on your website, is that normal?
Because everyone’s monitor displays color differently, we cannot guarantee that your pen will look exactly like what is seen on screen. We try to make the photos as close to the original colors as possible, so allow for some color variation when choosing your pen. The color on our pens will vary from batch to batch, so if you wish to have multiple pens that look identical in color, please order all the pens at once to ensure a more consistent color and finish for the group.
Will the color wear off of my pen?
All of our aluminum pens feature an anodized finish. Although it is extremely durable, it is possible to wear through the finish. Carrying your pen in your pocket with items like keys and coins will wear out the finish. Threaded portions of the pen will eventually show wear under normal use.
What is the anodized finish, is it paint?
The anodized finish on our products is an oxide layer formed on the surface of the aluminum parts using an electrochemical process. The color that you see is actually part of the surface of the material and will not wash or peel off like paint.
The copper and brass versions of your pens come in a “raw” finish, what does this mean?
The copper and brass pens are polished to a high shine before they are shipped out. There is no protective finish applied to the pens, so they will age and darken over time and with use. You can leave the natural surface patina or maintain the high polish using standard metal polishing methods. Neither method will effect the usability of the pen.
I noticed small flaws on the surface of my pen, is that normal?
Because of the manufacturing processes we use to make our pens, small imperfections can occasionally show up on the finished products, this is normal. Contact us if you have any questions about your pens.
How do I clean my pen?
Wipe down the metal pens with a clean, damp cloth. A small amount of mild detergent or alcohol may be used as well. Only use soap and water on your acrylic pens. Avoid abrasives or cleaners with caustic ingredients.
Your pens are made of metal, aren’t they heavy?
All of our pens come in three versions, typically aluminum, brass and copper. The aluminum is lightest and the copper and brass are about 3 times as heavy as the aluminum. If you like lightweight pens, aluminum is your best bet. While heavier than plastic, our aluminum pens are actually lighter than most people think. Accurate weights are listed on the purchase page for each pen.
What material are your pens made from?
Our standard pens are made from aluminum, brass and copper. Some of our fountain pens are made from acrylic, or other plastics.
I accidentally damaged my pen, can you fix it?
We can fix some damage. Email us with photos and your questions about the repair. If it is determined we can repair the pen, you will be responsible for shipping costs.
Can you make me a pen with a different shape?
No, we only offer our pens in our standard designs.
Can I put a Bock nib on a non Karas Pen?
Yes, our nibs will directly fit into several other brands by threading in the nib unit into the other pen. We do not keep a list of competitors that also use the Bock nib, you can seek out advice on the Fountain Pen Network Forum. Attempting to pull the nib and feed from one of our Bock nib units and placing it onto another manufacturers pen that does not accept the Bock nib unit is not advised. This type of behavior is against our policy and you are warned to perform at your own risk, we will not accept any returns or exchanges on nibs that have been used in this manner.
What is your nib exchange policy and warranty?
We accept nib exchanges with 30 days of purchase for U.S. customers and 60 days of purchase for international customers. The customer must ensure the nib being returned has been cleaned thoroughly and ship the nib back to us using our service request form found below. Customers are liable for nib exchange postage. Damage done to the nib will void any exchange. Bock does not warranty their nibs, and we do not provide a warranty for items we do not manufacture. We do test all of our nibs when they are assembled to ensure they function correctly. We then clean them before shipping them.


How will my order ship?
All of our orders ship through UPS. You can choose which shipping option you prefer when checking out.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally. Buyers are responsible for any customs or import fees associated with the order (including VAT). Payment for these fees are due upon receipt of the package from UPS. We will not falsify customs forms to make it cheaper to import items, it is illegal and we just won’t do it.
How long does it take for my order to ship?
Most orders are processed within 3 business days, though at times due to higher volumes of orders it can take up to 5 days to ship. After orders are processed, they are then shipped. Orders shipped within the continental United States (UPS Ground Service) usually arrive in 3-5 business days once the order is processed. Delivery times for International orders vary based on the selected service and your location.
Can I track my package after it ships?
All domestic orders automatically include tracking information. International orders are trackable based on the shipping service chosen at checkout. International flat rate shipping is not trackable. Applicable tracking information will be emailed to the buyer after the order is processed and has been shipped. The package can then be tracked through UPS.
How can I pay for my order?
We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal.
Can I get free shipping?
We now offer free domestic shipping on all pen orders and have lowered our discount International shipping prices to $15.00 USD.

Returns & Replacements

We guarantee our all of our products against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear from use is not considered a defect and will not be warrantied.

We will not warranty any Karas Kustoms product that has sustained damage from misuse, modification, or damage caused from improper installation.

A 15% restocking and re-polishing fee will be assessed against all brass and copper returns. Bulk returns (over 5 items) or multiple order returns may have a 20% restocking and shipping recoupment fee assessed against the refund. Nib returns must be clean and in working condition.

If you decide that any of our products aren’t for you and you wish to return them, simply ship them back to us in like-new condition and we will refund your original purchase amount, minus the cost of shipping. We do not cover any costs associated with shipping the returned item back to Karas Kustoms for refund. This is the responsibility of the customer. If you fail to package the product well enough to prevent damage on the return trip, you may not be entitled to a refund. DO NOT SEND YOUR PEN(S) IN AN UNPADDED ENVELOPE, IT WILL GET DAMAGED AND YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND. Separate any loose parts and hardware from the main product to prevent dings and scratches. We reserve the right to refuse any returns based on these conditions. Any item we receive that we deem not suitable for a refund will not be returned to the customer unless return postage is provided. Please email us notifying us that you are returning the item to us before sending the package. Click here for a form to include with your package so that we can better serve you. No COD or postage due items will be accepted. No returns/exchanges after 30 days in the USA (60 days International) unless previously approved. By sending an item(s) for return, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions for returning/exchanging said item.

About Us

About Karas Kustoms

At Karas Kustoms, we do one thing; manufacture high quality, hand crafted products, and, we do it here in the USA. Since the beginning, our goal has been to use our collective experiences to bring unique, trendsetting products to market. We have backgrounds in everything from machining, tool and die work, fabrication, automotive repair and restoration, to product design and development. These skill sets allow us to find a market need and to make a quality, well designed product to fill that need. Because we make what we sell, we are able to control everything from product development to manufacturing, and do it all under one roof. We love what we do, and we hope it shows.

Karas Kustoms Online Store- Home


At Karas Pen Co we are proud to design and manufacture all of our products here in Arizona. We enjoy the endless sunshine, saguaro and other cacti, and the smell of a machine shop in the morning. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our customers and local community. We love what we do and we hope it shows. Take a few minutes to look at all that we have worked so hard to create and let us know if you have any questions.

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