The EDK V2 is our everyday carry, small footprint click pen. We’ve maintained the external features of the pen with its grip rings, knurling, and heavy-duty clip. The o-ring to the lower barrel ensures the pen doesn’t come apart when pocket carried. Schmidt made us a new and improved four-piece click mechanism, with the upper components all made out of stainless steel which increases the lifespan of the mechanism drastically. While the pen is still designed around the Schmidt P8126* liquid rollerball refill, we’re allowing you to choose your refill when you purchase. Now you can select between these options: Schmidt P8126 liquid rollerball in black or blue, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ballpoint in black or blue, and the Schmidt Megaline 950M pressurized ballpoint. Customize your pen before it even leaves our facility so it’s ready to write when you open the box. Available in Tumbled Aluminum, Matte Black Anodize, Tumbled Brass, and Tumbled Copper.

Due to changes in the Fisher Space Pen refill, the EDK V2 will no longer accept that refill. We now carry the Schmidt Megaline 950M pressurized refill. We have extensively tested this refill and feel it is an adequate, if not superior, replacement pressurized refill to the Fisher refill.

*The SKM-88 click mechanism is now made to our specifications. Specifically we have updated the moving parts to be made out of stainless steel. This increases the longevity of the mechanism as long as the mechanism is used properly. The mechanism can still be damaged from dropping onto a hard surface or from flicking or fidget-clicking and mis-clicking.

**The Schmidt P8126 capless rollerball refill uses liquid ink and as such the ink can wick away on contact with porous material. Be advised, when pocket carrying this pen if the tip of the refill is actuated, it can and will cause the refill to wick away ink if it comes in contact with the inside of the pocket. This is a known issue with liquid and gel rollerball refills, we suggest switching to a Parker style ballpoint refill if there is concern about the P8126 “leaking”.


Compatible RefillsWeightCap Post
Schmidt EasyFlow 9000Aluminum: 28.8g / 1.015 ozN/A
Schmidt P8126 CaplessBrass: 60.3g / 2.127 oz
Schmidt Megaline 950M Pressurized BallpointCopper: 62.7g / 2.211 oz
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