2019-2020 Pen Club Coin

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Updated dates extend the current coin club through December 2020.

This years coin is 1.38″ in diameter and .125″ thick, minted from distressed brass by Shire Post Mint. The artwork was designed by Karas Pen Club member, Ishmael Salleh. The 2019 coin features a “heads” side with a winged INK fountain pen and a scroll-banner with the words “STILUS GLADIO VINCIT” which is a direct translation to “pen defeats sword”. We were thinking Rock, Paper, Scissors when we came up with that, but Latin doesn’t have a translation for “beats” so we went with “defeats” regardless we wanted it to be a little bit lighthearted. Also featured are the dates 2019 and 2020 indicating the years of this the third year of the Karas Pen Club. The “tails” side features the double K logo we’re using on our nib branding that features Art Deco inspired “K”s with a spread of rays coming from behind. The Roman Numeral MMVIII (2008) is present below the logo indicating the year Karas Kustoms was founded. We’ve surrounded the coin with a modern designed, five “sided” bracket that feature hex style “bolt heads”, ten in total the number of years Karas Kustoms has been in operation.

Coins will include a small cut sheet of paper featuring this years Karas pen Club logo, also designed by Ishmael Salleh , and on the back each coin will feature a randomly assigned letter/number code. These codes will be randomly assigned to each coin for each year and we will refresh them next year when we release the 2020-2021 coins.

Club Members will still have early access to small batch, special release, and limited editions. Added benefits will include actual Pen Club Exclusive pens; items only available to Pen Club Members, last year we released several Pen Club only pens, this year we have several more planned the first coming in July/August 2019. These will be specially curated items in colors and/or materials not offered anywhere else, the will also include club specific marking and item numbering. The current Karas Pen Club year runs from July 2019 through December 2020.

Not convinced yet? Find any Karas Pen Co employee acting in an official manner (pen shows, meet ups, KPC headquarters, etc.), present the coin, and you’ll be given some cool Karas Pen Club only swag. The swag will rotate so you never know what you’ll get. We’re going to provide swag to those members that can’t make it to one of our physical locations via a special Club Member Newsletter that will be published a few times in the coming year.

Limited numbers of the coin will be released.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .1 in