2021 Karas Pen Club Coin


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New Artwork for a New Year!

This years coin is 1.38″ in diameter and .125″ thick, minted from distressed copper by Shire Post Mint. The artwork was designed by Karas Pen Club member, Ishmael Salleh. The artwork features images that draw inspiration from writing instruments and classic espionage thrillers. The centerpiece of the “heads” side features a silhouette of a bowler-wearing, monocled and mustachioed gentlemen. His coat labels are pulled close in such a way to reveal a fountain pen nib design. This idea was the initial starting point for this design, the idea of a fountain pen “figure” that wasn’t just a pen with a face was something we envisioned before any other pieces came together. We pulled in a specific element from the opening credits of the worlds most famous spy, the famous rifling that is seen in the final scene of the opening credits. The point of the fountain pen nib descends on a stylized version of Karas Pen Company, in a retro font that works well with the overall aesthetic of the front side artwork. We captured all of this inside a “gear” that is a throwback to the first Karas Pen Club coin. The “tails” side is bordered with the reverse “gear”, collecting elements that we’ve drawn from previous coins and our old pen boxes. We elected to keep the large Double K motif for the center of the coin as it’s a throwback to our roots and the Karas Kustoms logo and brand. Around the Double K is a ring that features “EST. 2008” at the top, two feather quill pens on either side, and the phrase “Dozens of Satisfied Customers” on the bottom. The quill pens have been images we’ve used in artwork through the years though they are often hidden, while the phrase at the bottom was an inside joke we had printed on the bottom of our original pen boxes. The side of the coins have been reeded like U.S. quarters, dimes, and half-dollars and finally, the coins have been distressed which causes the stamping of the artwork to really pop.

Club Members will still have early access to select small-batch, special release, and limited editions. Other benefits include Pen Club Exclusive pens; items only available to Pen Club Members. These will be specially curated items in colors and/or materials not offered anywhere else, the will may also include club-specific marking and item numbering. The current Karas Pen Club year runs from January 2021 through December 2021.

We’ll be curating Karas Pen Club swag this year and including it randomly with Pen Club Exclusive product purchases. These items will range from stickers to buttons to magnets and may also include custom notebooks and other unique items. There will be Club member-only giveaways throughout this year that you’ll enter via a Club only form. For club members that have Facebook access, we’ll be continuing the Karas Pen Club Facebook group which gives members sneak peeks, cross-talk with Karas employees, new product polls, and a variety of other social media-related content.

Limited numbers of the coin will be released.