2022 Karas Pen Club Coin


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New Artwork for a New Year.

This year we’re doing things just a bit differently, you’ve probably already noticed some differences, but the Club coin is a brand new experiment for us. This coin is 1.25″ in diameter and .125″ thick AND we’re machining them in house of out C360 Brass on our CNC mills.  The artwork was designed by Karas Pen Club member, Ishmael Salleh.

The “heads” artwork features images that draw inspiration from mythology and classic design motifs. We’ve used a meander, often referred to as a Greek fret or Greek key, around the border of the coin. This design has been found on fountain pens for nearly 100 years, and continues to be used by numerous brands as a cap-band engraving. Inside this area is an octopus holding a rollerball and fountain pen. While not strictly a traditional mythological creature, nearly every major culture has had some form of myth or legend around sea monsters or leviathans. We used the octopus due to it’s natural ability to use ink as defense mechanism and how ink ties into writing instruments. Over the past few years we’ve featured numerous special releases that are inspired by the ocean or mythology, and we plan on doing several in 2022 that focus on these two aspects; hence the use of a sea creature. We’ve also added the year in Roman numerals at the bottom of the coin along with a papyrus-like scroll featuring Karas Pen Company in the same font as the Roman numerals.

We’ve decided to maintain the 2021 “tails” artwork. The “tails” side is bordered with the reverse “gear”, collecting elements that we’ve drawn from previous coins and our old pen boxes. We elected to keep the large Double K motif for the center of the coin as it’s a throwback to our roots and the Karas Kustoms logo and brand. Around the Double K is a ring that features “EST. 2008” at the top, two feather quill pens on either side, and the phrase “Dozens of Satisfied Customers” on the bottom. The quill pens have been images we’ve used in artwork through the years though they are often hidden, while the phrase at the bottom was an inside joke we had printed on the bottom of our original pen boxes. The side of the coins have been reeded like U.S. quarters, dimes, and half-dollars and finally, the coins have been distressed which causes the stamping of the artwork to really pop.

Club Members will still have early access to select small-batch, special release, and limited editions. Other benefits include Pen Club Exclusive pens; items only available to Pen Club Members. These will be specially curated items in colors and/or materials not offered anywhere else, the will may also include club-specific marking and item numbering. The current Karas Pen Club year runs from January 2022 through December 2022.

*We are currently machining these coins and this is a pre-order sale. Purchase of the coin grant immediate access into the Club and all benefits, the coins will ship as soon as we have them completed. We expect the first coins to begin shipping in mid to late February. Image used for this product is a 3d CAD rendering of the coin.*

Limited numbers of coins will be released.