2023 San Francisco Pen Show Decograph

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The Decograph has been out of production since 2018 while we focused on other pens. It was always our intention to return to the Decograph, especially the resin versions. But the huge success of the Vertex meant the Decograph stayed on the back burner for longer than expected. That same Vertex success pushed us to try new things, specifically making our own resins. This was a process we’d never done before, but we worked out the proverbial kinks on the Vertex fountain pens and now the Decograph is the latest pen to feature in-house resins. Through 2023 we’ve released small batches of these pens at the Pen Shows we’ve attended, and we’re now putting several of these on the website specially for Fountain Pen Day 2023.

The 2023 San Francisco Decograph fountain pen was poured in our shop by our former resin technician, Zoe. This was one of the final pen she poured, and she had begun to experiment with two color resins that did not feature mica or glitter. The mix of colors features a base of bubblegum pink with splashes of mint green through the cap, body, and grip. These were intended to be a series of candy-themed Decographs, but the amount of usable pens was very low and we decided to release them at the San Francisco Pen Show. We’re allowing some customization via the clip and finial combinations; Black, Silver, or Tumbled. You’ll be prompted to select your choice of steel or titanium nibs, and the pen will ship with a Schmidt K5 converter and two black Monteverde cartridges. Custom box lid artwork was created for this release by Ishmael, and features a secret location on a San Francisco map. You’ll be able to purchase this pen without the box, or add the box and lid for an additional charge.