4k Pen Holder

Decograph Fountain Pen.

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With a desire to offer a desktop pen holder solution for multiple pens, that could be competitively priced, was machined in house, we sat down over a year ago to put some ideas on paper. While other projects were pushed up the chain in terms of importance, we never lost this idea. In January 2020, we started prototyping what we were simply calling a “2-piece pen holder”. Having worked through some bugs and finalized the product, we are proud to release the 4K Pen Holder.

The 4k is consists of two machined main components: an aluminum base and an aluminum, brass, or copper lid. These pieces are machined in-house on our CNC mills, the aluminum components are then anodized while the brass and copper are put through a finish tumbling process that removes any burrs or imperfections. Internally the 4k features three custom cut foam pieces: a base of open-cell foam, a middle of closed-cell foam with four holes for pens, and a top of closed cell foam with four holes. The lid is held in place with four stainless steel hex fasteners, and there are four rubber bumpers on the bottom of the pen holder to keep it from scratching your desk or sliding. The foam can comfortably accommodate all of our pens, and due to the nature of the foam it can spread to allow for larger diameter pens from other manufacturers. Initially we are offering three color options for the base, and three color options and two material options for the lids. The base options are black, grey and red. The lid options are black, grey, red, brass, and copper. Brass and copper lids are considered a premium upgrade and a priced accordingly. Made in the United States.

Width – 2.45 inches
Depth – 2.45 inches
Height – 2.3 inches
Weight Aluminum/Aluminum – 9 ounces
Weight Aluminum/Brass – 11.4 ounces
Weight Aluminum/Copper – 11.8 ounces