Anodized Business Card CUBE Limited Release


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Limited Release

From time to time we attempt to get CUBE pen holders anodized from the best anodizers close to us. This process is a laborious journey, filled mostly with disappointment and defeat. However, we embark on this journey every three or four years, and this year our journey has been mostly successful. We sent out two test batches, one black and one blue, of a total of 50 pen holders in nine-hole, business card, and pocket. The results are in and 75% of them look incredible. The anodize is rich and deep with no major streaking issues or voiding. Due to these being completely raw aluminum, directly off the machines, they do show some aluminum grain, small machine marks, and minor lines in the surface of the aluminum under the anodize. This is normal for raw parts like this if anodized without a tumbled finish of some kind and is to be expected. We have a limited quantity of each version in both colors for this release, and will not have a restock until later in 2024.

The CUBE-Business Card Edition is the result of a collaboration between Karas Kustoms and Dudek Modern Goods. Each CUBE- Business Card Edition is machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and features 6 black Delrin inserts, rubber feet, custom surface finishing, and high-quality engraving. All versions, except the Raw Machined Aluminum are rough tumbled so they will have some light surface detailing visible. The custom-machined inserts are pressed into the body of the CUBE and have a bore of 9/16” to accommodate most pens. The machined business card slot is 0.5″ wide and sits slightly below the top to accommodate a good amount of business cards or postcards without blocking access to your pens. The rubber feet keep the CUBE from sliding around and slightly elevate it from the surface it rests on, giving it the illusion of weightlessness. When, in fact the aluminum CUBE- Business Card Edition weighs around 1.85 lbs. This insures that your pens will be safe from being accidentally knocked over, or rolling off a desk. Each pen is separated and will not knock into each other, causing unwanted damage. Plus, you can safely display your pens and business cards in a unique and organized fashion.

Pens and Other Items Not Included