April Bundle – Tumbled Render K & Tumbled Retrakt


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Our monthly $100 dollar bundle is two of our everyday workhorse pens: the Render K V2 and Retrakt V2 in the ever-popular Tumbled finish.

Our first ever pen, the Render K, in it’s updated V2 format with heavy tumble finish is the first part of our April Bundle. A capped rollerball pen that features our Sta-Fast cap system to keep the cap on your pen when it’s pocket carried; the Render K V2 with matching tumbled grip is perfect for taking notes on the deck of an aircraft carrier or the comfort of your back porch. For the April Bundle, the Tumbled Render K V2 is outfitted with the world’s most popular refills, the Pilot G2 0.5mm in black ink. Ships in our recyclable, custom box with a vinyl sticker.

If you’re looking for a standard-sized rollerball pen that can take a beating, the Tumbled Retrakt V2 is the perfect pen for you. The Retrakt V2 is our standard-sized retractable rollerball pen. It features a heavy tumbled finish that will wear nicely with age and we’ve used stainless steel hardware on this pen. A beast. The classic tapered design with knurling at the top of the pen gives it a unique look in a world of black pens. It also features the Pilot G2 0.5mm refill in black ink but will accept a variety of refills as well. Ships in our recyclable, custom box with a vinyl sticker.