Battleworn 2022 Vertex Rollerball Limited Release


Vertex Fountain Pen



The Vertex is the second release in our Signature Series which is built around using plastics and other resins as the main parts of the pen. From the beginning, we wanted to create something that looked, felt and functioned differently than other pens on the market. We wanted a smooth transition from grip to barrel, so we moved the traditional breakpoint from the section back, and used a third o-ring in the cap adapted slip cap functionality for the pen. The longer grip section allows for the use of an “ink window” with transparent materials which adds a little flair to the pen. The Vertex looks and feels streamlined and aerodynamic. With soft tapers, a cigar-shaped body, and a concave cap top; the Vertex is at once futuristic but also reminiscent of the classic lines of Parker and Sheaffer pens.

The obligatory question about Battleworn options for the new aluminum Vertexes rolled in before our first aluminum Vertex even hit the website, so we knew there would be a lot of interest in this finish when we finally had aluminum Vertexes. The first batch of the 2022 Limited Editions sold out fairly fast, but we had a handful of each color that needed to get the Battleworn treatment. Due to the shape of these pens, they have been put through the process for an extended period of time. The result is a decent amount of wear around the top of the caps, the cap lip, and the body face with the rest of the surface being worn more unevenly. It’s a classic look on our latest anodized aluminum pen. We’ve elected to set these up as rollerball pens with tumbled rollerball tips and the Pilot G2 refill, and add them to The Bottom Shelf* at a reduced price until they’re gone. They can easily be modified to a fountain pen with the addition of a nib and converter, but they make great rollerball pens as well. Ships in our cardboard packaging with a custom vinyl sticker.


The Aluminum Vertex is machined from 6061-T Aluminum on our CNC Swiss Lathes in Mesa, Arizona. Each pen is designed and machined, by us, in the USA.