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Do you believe in happy accidents? Maybe it’s more a case of turning lemons into lemonade, but we often faced with a need to find a way to turn perfectly functional pens with anodize flaws into a viable product people would want to own. This is one such case. Months ago we attempted to release a matte brown fluted Bolt, only to have multiple batches of anodize come back to us with the upper and lower barrels two different shades of brown. There wasn’t much we could do at the time, the pens were put in a bin and stored for a later date. Just recently we had the same issue occur with a batch of matte blue fluted Bolts, the majority of the pens were sent back two noticeably different shades of blue between the upper and lower bodies. We expect some minor variances, but the colors were so considerably different on the majority of pens we had to come up with a different option for these pens. It only made sense that we combined these pens with the matte brown fluted Bolts. All of the parts were put through a 6-hour heavy tumble process to give them the standard Battleworn finish. Then we curated two versions of a small batch Battleworn Fluted Bolt release. This version features a matte blue fluted lower body paired to a matte brown upper body, all with the Battleworn finish. We’ve used tumbled aluminum knobs and stainless steel clips and screws for this release. The pen features the Pilot G2 refill in black but can easily be converted to a Parker-style refill.

Limited release of 50 Pens.