Black Decograph Executive Rollerball Pen

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Most of the classic pens have one thing in common, the overall look. They feature a shiny black body, cap, and grip primarily made from some form of resin; and they utilize gold appointments in the form of clips, cap bands, finials, and other fixtures. We’ve created our own take on this classic look with our Black Decograph Executive pens. The body and cap are polished aluminum that has been anodized with a bright dip treatment giving the parts a high gloss finish. Rather than using gold, we’ve chosen C360 brass for our clip and finials; using this material somewhat mimics the look of gold while providing stability and durability of the brass. The grip section is also C360 brass which provides front-weight giving the pen a superior balance in the hand. Our modern twist on a classic pen, the Black Decograph Executive pen is equally suited for the board room or a base jump, providing elegance and extreme durability in one package.

The Black Decograph Executive Rollerball pen comes standard with a Pilot 0.5mm Black Refill, G2 spring, and brass Decograph Rollerball tip (Refill upgrades include the Schmidt 5188 Ceramic Rollerball and Schmidt 6040 Fineliner). Ships in our standard, recyclable cardboard box.

Overall Length (Capped) – 137.27 mm / 5.40”
Overall Length (Uncapped) – 120.23 mm / 4.73”
Overall Length (Posted) – 153.15 mm / 6.02”
Grip Width (Min) – 9.35 mm / 0.36”
Grip Width (Max) – 10.77 mm / 0.42”
Body Width (Min) – 9.51 mm / 0.37”
Body Width (Max) – 12.57 mm / 0.49”
Cap Width (Min) – 13.49 mm / 0.53”
Cap Width (Max) – 15.23 mm / 0.59”
Weight – 53.5g / 1.88 oz

Our pens are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Mesa, Arizona. The Black Decograph Executive pen uses material, components, and accessories sourced from the United States, Japan, and Germany.