Blue & Black Retrakt R-Type V2


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Returning to our auto racing inspired R-Type style Retrakt V2 pens with some experimental livery options. These R-Type pens will feature colorways that don’t draw influence from a specific racing team or livery designer, rather they’re colors we think would look great on a car or ones that have been used in some of the prototype or even some of the customizations in racing video games. We’re keeping it simple this time and just naming these after the colors used.

First out of the gate is a classic combination, blue and black. These two colors are anodized in a bright dip style coating that really shines with a gloss coat. The lower ringed barrel and corresponding clip are both blue while the upper barrel is anodized black. We’ve used the black chrome click mechanism and black Torx+ screws for this pen to complete the look. While the clips and lower barrel were anodized at the same facility on the same day, there is a slight difference in shade of blue that is do to a minor difference in how the base aluminum’s natural transparency shines through the anodize. These ship with a black Pilot G2 refill with one of our vinyl stickers in our recyclable packaging.

The Retrakt R-Type is machined in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot G2 refills are made in Japan.

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