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Two years back we rolled out the Groov-EDK as part of our special release EDK pens. There were a variety of options, most of which were aluminum with different anodized colors and hardware configurations. With the V2 updates, we’ve added brass and copper versions of the Groov-EDK. The hard tumbled brass finish leaves a look that is slightly muted rather than the shiny brass normally seen, but it also softens the feel of the pen making it much easier to grip and use in everyday carry situations. We’ve chosen to use black clips, screws, and click mechanisms on these pens to give them an even more badass look. The grooves give a nice place to grip and the smooth upper barrel makes the entire pen more streamlined. We have 50 of each pen available, so these won’t last long. Each pen ships with a Schmidt 950M Pressurized refill in black ink.

Our pens are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Mesa, Arizona. The EDK V2 uses material and components sourced primarily from the United States, but also from Germany.