Brass Decograph Signature Edition

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“Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, in proportions which can be varied to achieve varying mechanical and electrical properties. It is a substitutional alloy: atoms of the two constituents may replace each other within the same crystal structure” – Wikipedia

Our first go at machining the Decograph out of a premium, heavier metal is here. We’ve used the same C360 Brass that we use for our other pens and now we’ve successfully machined every piece of the Decograph out of that material. The bodies and caps are machined on our Swiss CNC lathes. The finials and grips are machined on CNC machining centers. The clips have been milled on our CNC mills. All of them have been put through a new, proprietary finishing and tumbling process to smooth out and unify the look and feel of each part. We’ve then assembled the parts with our white glove service, tested the o-ring fit, nib thread pitch, and every other aspect of the pen so ensure it meets our expectations for a premium fountain pen.

This is the current Decograph with improvements made to the pen to make sure it meets our standard for quality, fit and finish, and writing experience but it’s machined out of C360 Brass. First, we slightly modified our single piece, milled clip by machining it at a slight angle. This ensures the clip rests on the cap providing tension when the pen is carried, even clipped to thin silk, the pen stays put. Second, we’ve adapted the upper finial with a longer thread and added a lower finial. Both are thread-in units that are semi-permanently affixed with Loctite to make sure they don’t come unscrewed at any point. Lastly, we added an o-ring in the cap that keeps the cap firmly in place when the pen is pocket carried. The Brass Decograph ships in our custom recyclable cardboard box, a sunshine polishing cloth, and a KPC sticker.

Each pen ships with a polished steel nib in a variety of available tip sizes, a standard international converter, and two black standard international cartridges. Titanium and 14K gold nib upgrades are available for an additional charge when in stock.

Overall Length (Capped) – 137.27 mm / 5.40”
Overall Length (Uncapped) – 128.46 mm / 5.05”
Overall Length (Posted) – 162.56mm / 6.4”
Grip Width (Min) – 9.35 mm / 0.36”
Grip Width (Max) – 10.77 mm / 0.42”
Body Width (Min) – 9.51 mm / 0.37”
Body Width (Max) – 12.57 mm / 0.49”
Cap Width (Min) – 13.49 mm / 0.53”
Cap Width (Max) – 15.23 mm / 0.59”
Weight – 98g /3.45 oz

Our pens are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Mesa, Arizona. The Decograph fountain pen uses material, components, and accessories sourced from the United States, Germany, and Austria.