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The Bolt V2

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12 Days of Karas – Day Eight ($90 Dollar Special)

Every year we release a deeply discounted Copper Bolt V2. Last year we added a bronze bolt to that list of heavily discounted premium Bolt pens. We’ve already released our heavily discounted copper Bolt with the Polished Copper & Black Frag Bolt on Day Three. For Day Eight we’re adding the Polished Bronze & Black Bolt to this list, and we’ve marked it down $40 dollars.

The final Bronze Bolt V2 pens are going up for this Limited Release. We’re unsure of the future of bronze in terms of our releases. Some of them were highly successful, others not so much. But we ended up with a handful of bodies that didn’t have matching knobs and figured it would be fitting to put black anodized clips and knobs on these polished bronze pens to give them a different look. That’s what you’re getting here. Plus you’re going to save some decent money on this release too. Outfitted with the Pilot G2 gel rollerball, this is a pen for someone who enjoys writing with a heavier pen but wants those precise lines. Ships with a vinyl sticker, in our standard packaging.

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