Bronze Frag Bolt V2 Special Release


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Small Batch Special Release

The new Mk II profile was initially a design element added to our prototype release of the Retraktable mechanical pencil. Initial feedback from early users moved this new grip profile from a prototype to a standard option on the Retraktable, but also a special release option for the Bolt and EDK. Why Mk II? Mk II (later Mk 2) was the nomenclature of the fragmentation anti-personnel type hand grenade used by the United States from 1918 through the 1960s. Often referred to as the “pineapple grenade” due to its strange outward appearance, it was also called the “frag”. Our Mk II has a similar “frag” pattern milled into the grip area that provides a nice tactile feel and looks cool too.

The Bronze Frag Bolt V2 keeps everything you’ve come to love about our bolt action pen: unique bolt-action mechanism via a thumb-knob, updated J-slot to improve actuation of the refill, refill modularity with support for either a Parker style ballpoint or Euro-style 110mm rollerball refill, and internal o-ring to ensure the pen always stays ready to write. Fully machined to precise specifications via advanced CNC technology, each part is then inspected before being hand sanded and put through a multi-step polishing and protecting process. Each pen is assembled, tested for function, and shipped out via FedEx or USPS shipping. The Bronze Frag Bolt V2 is polished to a high shine, however, due to the chemical makeup of bronze, it will develop patina faster than brass though slightly slower than copper.  A sunshine polishing cloth can be used to keep the high polish intact, we do not suggest using more aggressive metal polish as it could scratch the surface of the pen. Ships with a Pilot G2 0.5mm refill with black ink.

The Bronze Frag Bolt V2 is made from 630 Bronze on our CNC Swiss lathes in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot G2 refills are manufactured by Pilot Pens in Japan.

Bolt Specifications:
Overall Length – 140.462 mm / 5.53”
Body Width – 11.11 mm / 0.437”
Bronze Weight – 62.7g / 2.2 oz