Bug’s Carrot Bolt V2 Limited Release


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“What’s Up Doc?” Are words that almost every person will recognize. They’ll be greeted by images of a wily hare plugging the shotgun of a stuttering hunter with carrot, singing opera dressed as a fair maiden, or playing basketball with Michael Jordan. Those words hit the silver screen on July 27th, 1940 along with the renamed and sporting a new look Bugs Bunny. Bugs would become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters ever, likely second only to Mickey Mouse. He’s the 9th most portrayed film personality in the world, has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has appeared in more cartoons than any other cartoon character.  We’re here to say happy 80th birthday Bugs!

Bug’s Carrot Bolt V2 is a limited release of 75 custom colorways Bolt V2 pens. We’ve taken our Bolt V2 and heavy tumbled them for 6 hours. Then we’ve sent them out for a matte medium orange anodize specifically colored for this release. To keep the carrot theme going we’ve anodized the bolt knob in a matte green that really looks great with the orange. This unique colorway is one we’ve done in a very small batch a LONG time ago with a small batch of 5 Carrot EDK pens. But we decided to bring it back for a larger release for Bug’s 80th birthday.  Outfitted with a Pilot G2 refill in black, this pen can sketch for days and days or write endless pages of sheet music that Bugs the Diva could sing along too. Ships with a custom sticker featuring Bug’s and his Carrot Bolt atop our KPC shield that looks remarkably like the old Warner Brothers logo.