“Burner” BMX Inspired Bolt V2 Special Release


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We went looking for cool color combinations in the world of 80’s and 90’s BMX bikes for some special release Bolt V2 pens. You’ll see some of your favorite colorways from the catalogs and tracks represented in our BMX Inspired series of Bolt V2s. From the eye-popping gold and black of the Thrasher to the red and silver of the Predator, we’ll be pulling a few out every so often and creating a new look on one of our most popular pens.

The Burner draws inspiration from the Raleigh Burner lines of bikes that mixed darker colors with some bright yellow and gold and used black for their logos and accents. The Burner specifically takes its colors from a dark blue, gold, and black model, you could find it in 1981 as the Raleigh Burner MK1. We’ve hard tumbled the pens before sending them off for a matte dark blue anodize on the upper and lower barrels. The knob is a matte dark gold anodize. While we opted for black clips and screws for the hardware. It looks RAD! Then we’ve gone ahead and pulled that RAD logo and morphed a holo KARAS sticker in that same font. Roll all of that together with Pilot G2 refill in black and you’ve got yourself an awesome pen for the shop, the trail, or the track!