Chrysopoeia Vertex Special Re-Release




“In alchemy, the term chrysopoeia (Ancient Greek: khrusopoiia) means transmutation into gold (from the Greek khrusos, “gold”, and poiein, “to make”). It symbolically indicates the creation of the philosopher’s stone and the completion of the Great Work” (source Wikipedia). For thousands of years alchemists and even some men and women we now consider early scientists have speculated on the philosopher’s stone and the ability to use it to enact chrysopoeia. Legends are full of men and women, young and old, finding ways to turn the mundane into gold. So powerful is the thought it’s been the subject of thousands of tales through the dawn of time, even when chrysopoeia isn’t specifically mentioned.

This is the second Vertex Special Edition re-release we’ve ever done, the first being the Marmalade Redux. We always take a lot of time when considering re-releases because they aren’t always the best use of our machine time and labor. However, this material from Omas was too lovely to not do a second run, especially after we received so many requests for us to release another batch. For this release, we’ve made two official changes to this release. The first is that we’re placing this in the Alchemy Series of Vertex Special Editions. The Alchemy Series was started with the Aqua Regia Vertex and the Chrysopoeia has now been added to the series as well. With that comes the Alchemy-themed artwork which is a partnership of Paul and Ishmael in terms of the overall theme and elements. You can see the images of this design as it has been laser marked on the top of the lid.

The Chrysopoeia Vertex has been curated in a brilliant Omas acrylate called Cuervo. The material is a deep, dark black base that is ribboned in gold chatoyance. The gold swirls and lines serve to disguise the black base material giving it a warm, almost brown look. This effect softens the material nicely evincing a warmth that can almost be felt in the hand. When the light catches the gold, the pen comes alive burning just a bit brighter and catching, then holding the eye as the colors shift and change from bright gold to rich brown. The entire process is mesmerizing and can cause one to spin the pen in the light for minutes on end.

You’ll be prompted to select from three transparent grip sections when purchasing the Chrysopoeia Vertex: Light Green (Coke Bottle), Smoke, or Transparent Brown. These colors compliment the color of the cap and barrel and really allow the material to shine. Ships in a machined aluminum box we have designed specifically for the Vertex fountain pen, custom foam inserts have been sourced for the box, and the lid has been laser-etched with updated artwork from the incomparable Ishmael Salleh. Comes standard with a Bock polished steel nib; titanium and 14k gold are available. The #6 nibs units are manufactured by Peter Bock in Germany. Also included with each pen is a 2 ml soft pipette and a Schmidt K5 international standard converter. Each pen is designed and machined, by us, in the USA.

Special Re-Release of 50 Pens.