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From the Loch Ness Monster to Bigfoot, man’s fascination with the monsters that hide at the edges of civilization stretches back to the first stories passed down in the old oral traditions. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when two zoologists coined the term cryptozoology and took these creatures from the pages of folklore to the pages of nonfiction books discussing the existence of these hidden animals. Over time cryptozoology grew with people’s love for the spooky and unknown, with movies being made about different animals and eventually an entire subculture of cryptozoologists was formed following different cryptids throughout the world. This year we’ve chosen cryptids as the focus of our yearly curated release. Similar to the Camp Karas special release projects in 2019, the Karas Kreepers will be a multi-faceted release spread over numerous months. We’re pulling ideas and artwork a story about an American Bestiary and the art created for that story from the amazing Tavo Montañez and adding to it, moving it to different settings, and generally putting our own small flair on it. It’s a large undertaking, we’re planning to cover all 50 Cryptids, though only 10-12 of them will be featured on pens with corresponding stickers, many of them will be adapted to notebooks, and the rest will be put on stickers, buttons, and magnets. We’re launching this series right before Halloween to set the stage for the spooky nights to come.

There are few cryptids more well-known and more feared than the Chupacabra. With more than 2,000 sightings since it was first seen in 1995 in Puerto Rico, the legend of the “goatsucker” has spread to Mexico, Texas, and other southwestern states. Sometimes described as a hairless wild dog with a pronounced spinal ridge, huge eye sockets, fangs, and claws; however, there are also sightings of a strange reptilian version that has grey skin with red glowing eyes and massive fangs. Thousands of mysterious and violent animal deaths have been attributed to the Chupacabra, with many of those animals being drained of their blood, hence the name “goatsucker”. Some reports include an even more terrifying version with wings and the ability to swoop down, soundlessly on its prey. The Chupacabra has been covered in numerous television and movies since the first sighting, and the legend only continues to grow.

The Chupacabra INK V2 features a matte grey cap and body with heavy tumbled base aluminum that is somewhat mottled to mimic the grey mottled look many of the sightings describe. For this release, we’ve used our new Frag Pattern grip section in a matte red color like the eyes of the Chupacabra. On the side of the cap we’ve laser etched a silhouette of the “goatsucker” fearsomely looking on. For the second small batch, we’ve used grade 5 titanium milled clips due to the inability to source black clips, they are attached with stainless steel drivers. You can select one of two versions of this pen, the fountain pen or the rollerball pen. The fountain pen version will ship with your choice of in-stock nibs in polished steel or titanium, a K5 converter, and two Monteverde black cartridges. The rollerball version will ship with a matte black rollerball tip that matches the matte black hardware on the pen, and a black Pilot G2 refill. Ships with a custom vinyl sticker shaped like the great state of Texas with a creepy version of the Chupacabra ready to pouce.

Capped Length – 137.82 mm / 5.42”
Uncapped Length – 126.32 mm / 4.97″
Maximum Body Width – 14.61 mm / 0.57”
Minimum Grip Width – 9.36 mm / 0.36”
Maximum Grip Width – 10.62 mm / 0.41”
Capped Aluminum Weight – 42.2g / 1.48 oz
Uncapped Aluminum Weight – 24.7g / 0.87 oz

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