Copper & Black Ringed Retraktable Mechanical Pencil




2022 Retraktable Re-Launch Production Release

Based on our Retrakt pen, the Retraktable Standard is a production mechanical pencil featuring a Schmidt DSM 2007 steel mechanical pencil insert. Our Retraktable Standard pencil is made up of three main components that we manufacture in-house: lower grip, upper body, and click mechanism. The Brass and Copper Retraktable Standard pencils are the pinnacle of this project, and the reason for this full re-launch. For this release, we machined full batches of ringed Retraktable lower grips, upper bodies, and the two-piece button mechanism from either C360 brass or Tellurium copper. These are meant to be paired with our Retrakt V2 pens as complementary writing instruments, only with a little added copper and brass. The Retraktable Standard is everything you’d expect from a Karas writing instrument meant to complement our existing pens: uniquely designed, comfortable to use, and manufactured to last.

The Copper Ringed Retraktable Standard is one of our two premium release options for the Ringed Retraktable. This pencil features a body fully machined from Tellurium copper, the standard copper used in all of our pens. Ten rings are machined into the grip portion of the lower barrel to provide for a better grip when writing. This version is available due to the massive outpouring of customers and fans asking us to add the black hardware option to our brass and copper Retraktables. It features a gloss black anodized push button mechanism and matching gloss black anodized clip with black chrome Torx Plus fasteners. When checking out you’ll have the option to select from a 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead insert thread-in mechanism. Each pencil comes with a Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser which we find to be one of the best erasers on the market, and rather than engineering some eraser-pocket on the pencil with a nearly unusable eraser we’d simply provide you with a quality eraser.

This is the latest addition to the production Retraktable Standard mechanical pencils.


Overall Length – 140.462 mm / 5.53”
Body Width Minimum – 9.93 mm / 0.39”
Body Width Maximum – 11.11 mm / 0.437”
Copper Weight – 60.7g / 2.14 oz