Copper Frag INK V2 & Retraktable Bundle

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We were asked to offer some fountain pen and mechanical pencil bundles, this is the result of that request. We put a lot of thought into how we would “match” the fountain pen and pencil, and realized with the new frag grip options for the INK V2 and matching frag grip on the Retraktable would work quite well. This is the second bundle of it’s kind, one we had planned to release in late 2022, but didn’t have enough parts to complete in December. 

The Copper INK V2 fountain pen is the top of the INK V2 food chain. Machined from raw Tellurium copper that is then hand sanded and put through a two-step polish and protectant process that shines the pen to a beautiful luster. This version features our new frag grip section that adds machined rings and flutes to the grip which adds to the look and feel of the grip section. The frag grip is machined from the same Tellurium copper and put through an identical sanding, polishing, and protecting process. Select from a variety of nib sizes in polished steel or titanium. Ships with a Schmidt K5 Converter and two black Monteverde cartridges in our recyclable packaging.

The Copper Frag Retraktable is our recently released premium, copper Retraktable mechanical pencil. Tellurium copper provides the base metal for this pencil. Precision machined with our Mk II (frag) profile on the lower barrel for added grip and a cool look, we’ve selected the standard knurled upper body for this release. This has our copper push-button mechanism and stainless steel clip. Select from 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead to get the writing experience you’re looking for.

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The INK V2 and Retraktable are machined from Tellurium Copper on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Nibs, Converters, and Lead Inserts are made by Bock and Schmidt in Germany.