Coyote Tan Business Card Cube


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First time in production, we’re releasing our Business Card Cube in aluminum with a brand new look, professionally applied Cerakote. We’ve partnered with a local Cerakote applicator, and sent them numerous items for this special treatment. The Coyote Tan Business Card Cube is part of the latest batch of products we’ve received back. Coated in Cerakote Coyote Tan, this matte tan finish has a Mil thickness of 2-3, a superior hardness and durability, and high flexibility. Match it to all of your other Coyote Tan everyday carry items whether it’s pens, knives, or other goodies. Outfitted with black Delrin inserts to keep your pens safe, and black rubber feet to keep your desk scratch-free. Limited to 10 Cubes.

The CUBE is the result of a collaboration between Karas Kustoms and Dudek Modern Goods. Each CUBE is machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and features black Delrin inserts, rubber feet, custom surface finishing, and high-quality engraving. All versions, except the Raw Machined Aluminum are rough tumbled before anodize so they will have some light surface detailing. The custom-machined inserts are pressed into the body of the CUBE and have a bore of 9/16” to accommodate most pens. The rubber feet keep the CUBE from sliding around and slightly elevate it from the surface it rests on, giving it the illusion of weightlessness. When, in fact, the aluminum CUBE weighs 1 Lb, 14.5 oz. This ensures that your pens will be safe from being accidentally knocked over, or rolling off a desk. Each pen is separated and will not knock into each other, causing unwanted damage. Plus, you can safely display your pen collection in a unique and organized fashion.

*Cerakote is a temperature-cured, spray-on ceramic coating that is used in a variety of industries including automotive, defense, outdoors, and sports. While Cerakote has been tested and rated at the highest levels of hardness, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and heat; it is not nearly as durable as anodize. Like all coatings, Cerakote can and will naturally wear when carried against objects of a similar or greater hardness than the Cerakote. Cerakote can chip or crack if dropped onto hard surfaces. Be advised this surface finish will wear over time, and is not as resistant to wear or damage as our standard anodize.