Faceted Titanium Bolt V2 Limited Release


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Custom Engraved Facets

Zoe has added some unique engraved artistry to the Titanium Bolt V2 pens for this release. We set aside a small number of pens that were setup parts and had some very rough surface finish marks and let Zoe use some of her engraving skills on them. Initially, she put a few designs on them, but as time went on she settled on a variegated facet finish making each pen unique in the shape, depth, and direction of the facets. This technique has been used by many makers in the past to customize and provide a different look and feel to an existing product. Each pen has over 3 hours of hand engraving work added to them before they are then put through a tumbling process to get rid of sharp areas on the facets.

The Faceted Titanium Bolt V2 is a limited release featuring in-house surface customization complete by our shop technician, Zoe. These pens have hours of handwork added to them to make each pen look and feel unique. They function flawlessly as you’d expect from any of our pens. Zoe added the customization to the body and knob of the Bolt pens, and we’ve finished them with our stainless steel clip and screws. Comes outfitted with a black Pilot G2 refill. Ships in our recyclable packaging with a custom vinyl sticker.

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