February Bundle – Matte Grey EDK V2 & Tumbled Brass EDK V2


$140.00 $100.00



Our monthly $100 dollar bundle is one of our favorite combinations; matte grey and brass.

The aluminum EDK V2 is one of our bestselling pens. Lightweight but extremely durable, it’s perfect for pocket carry and quick deployment. We only keep three aluminum versions in stock as production options: Black, Olive, and Tumbled, but this month we’ve added one specifically for this bundle. We sent a batch of aluminum EDK V2 pens and had them anodized in an amazing matte grey finish. The grey is a cool grey with hints of blue in it, but not too much blue. The matte finish leaves the pen with a great tactile feel. Rugged and ready, we’ve outfitted this Matte Grey EDK V2 with the P8126 in black.

We’re going brass with our second pen something we haven’t done yet with a $100 dollar bundle. The Tumbled Brass EDK V2 is a personal favorite of ours when it comes to brass pens. It has just a little more heft to it and makes writing that much easier, but the tumbled finish is the real winner here. Tumbling the brass gives it a softer look but most of all, a much nicer finish for gripping. It’s not slippery or too smooth and fits great in the hand for long writing sessions. The Tumbled Brass EDK V2 is also outfitted with the P8126 in black.