Fountain Pen Mystery Box


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We’re back with a brand new batch of Mystery Boxes, and this time we’ve changed this up a bit. This is a Fountain Pen Mystery Box pulling from our random parts bins of mainly Decograph and Vertex parts with a few INKs thrown in for good measure. These feature everything from prototype resins to B-stock parts with a variety of grip sections. Every pen comes with a Bock logo polished steel Medium nib and a converter. Mixed in with everything will also be the usual suspects in the form of Battleworn pens, prototype colors, B Stock Cerakote parts. It was a free-for-all with our assembly technicians as they put these together.  We’ve assembled the pens, tested the pens, and then randomly boxed them up. When you order a Mystery Box, we’ll reach into the drawer, shuffle around amongst all the boxes, pick one out and send it out to you. What you’ll get is a random fountain pen that likely wasn’t released in this format, and therefore a pretty unique fountain pen. “Boy, that sounds fun!”. Yeah, we think so too, but the Mystery Boxes come with a few caveats, read on below for those.

Coupon Codes Excluded

All sales final.

No returns or exchanges on Mystery Boxes.

You’re purchasing a complete pen, that will function as it should. Please do not email and ask for a specific item. Mystery Boxes have been specially priced and some coupon codes and sales will exclude Mystery Boxes.

Comes standard with a Bock polished steel nib. The #6 nibs units are manufactured by Peter Bock in Germany. Also included with each pen are two black Monteverde cartridges. Each pen is designed and machined, by us, in the USA.