Green & Copper Decograph Executive Edition



Small Batch Release

We’ve expanded our Executive Edition fountain pens to include copper accessories. This first release features a match made in heaven, dark green anodized aluminum with polished copper accents a simply stunning and classic look.

The Decograph fountain pen makes for an absolutely stunning signature pen. With its clean, classic lines and ability to be customized with premium accessories, it has a myriad of looks and styles. For our first Executive Edition with copper accessories, we’ve chosen the dark green anodized aluminum pen. This color pairs perfectly with the high-polished solid copper finials and grip, as well as the custom-sourced copper plated clips. The clips are copper-plated aluminum which gives them great strength and rigidity, they’ve been polished as well but left raw so they will patina along with the other copper parts.  The Green & Copper Decograph Executive Edition comes with your choice of polished steel Bock nib in a variety of sizes, a Schmidt K5 converter, and 2 Monteverde black cartridges.

25 Pens Available


Overall Length (Capped) – 137.27 mm / 5.40”
Overall Length (Uncapped) – 128.46 mm / 5.05”
Overall Length (Posted) – 162.56mm / 6.4”
Grip Width (Min) – 9.35 mm / 0.36”
Grip Width (Max) – 10.77 mm / 0.42”
Body Width (Min) – 9.51 mm / 0.37”
Body Width (Max) – 12.57 mm / 0.49”
Cap Width (Min) – 13.49 mm / 0.53”
Cap Width (Max) – 15.23 mm / 0.59”
Weight – 42.4g / 1.48 oz