Grey & Orange Speed-Groove Bolt V2


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Small Batch Release

Grey & Orange on the Bolt was a colorway that initially came about as a result of a few mistakes where we combined two messed up anodize jobs into one pen. That release on the fluted Bolt V2 was a big success. We ended up releasing three small batches of that pen before we decided to move on to other colorways. But we have received a TON of requests for that colorway to make a reappearance. The latest version of this colorway is on the Speed-Groove Bolt V2, in bright dip anodize. The bodies are a bright dip anodize in dark grey that has a hint of blue, very similar to the initial release of this colorway. We’ve anodize both the knobs and the clips in a bright dip orange whereas the previous versions just had the knobs anodized orange. The orange on the clip and knob look great against the dark grey completing a really unique look. We have 60 pens available in this small batch. The pen ships in our recyclable packaging with a vinyl sticker.  The pen features the Pilot G2 refill in black but can easily be converted to a Parker style refill.