Hard Black Dragonskin Bolt


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New Finish – Black Friday Special Release

Our Black Friday Special Release for 2023 isn’t just a new pen, but it’s also a new finish: Hardcoat Black (Type III) anodize. This unique form of anodize is thicker and tends to be more uniform in coverage, but the main benefit of this type of anodize is the wear resistance and protection it provides. This is the most durable treatment for aluminum parts, and the anodic coating provided by Type III anodizing effectively makes for the lightest weight possible with maximum surface strength. The Hard Black looks great, but feels even better. Type III anodize gives the surface an almost soft texture that accentuates the grippiness of the aluminum. This finish will be reserved for future special releases like Black Friday or other limited edition pens.

It wouldn’t be Black Friday without a stealth version of the Bolt. This year we saved the last of our Dragonskin grips specifically for this release. But we’ve gone with a new finish, Type III Hard Black anodize. The pen bodies, knobs, and clips have all been coated in this thick, durable anodize for a true EDC beast of a pen. The Dragonskin grip profile feels great with normal anodize, but it’s extra awesome with the Hard Black finish. The texture is unlike any other anodize treatment, including the matte anodize over heavy tumbled aluminum. It’s soft and grippy, perfect for writing in any condition. We’ve selected black screws for this release, making this a true “stealth” release. Ships with a black Pilot G2 refill.

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The Bolt is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot refills are manufactured in Japan.

*6061 aluminum clips are not as stiff as our stainless steel clips. They have more spring to them and can snap or bend if caught and pulled hard on something. They are more than adequate and stronger than many clips used on metal pens made out of lighter material. The anodize will wear over time, but it is more robust than the black nitride we use on our standard black clips.