Hunter Orange Frag Retraktable Slim Mechanical Pencil



The Retraktable Slim mechanical pencil is a slender version of our Retraktable mechanical pencil. Based on our Retrakt pen, the Retraktable was first designed as an adaptation of a standard Retrakt. The Retraktable Slim is designed to better match the external diameter of a pencil with our own style and functionality cues machined into the look and feel of the pen. There are two available grip options that will be used for the Retraktable Slim: a frag pattern and a ringed-chamfer pattern. The frag pattern is a slim, tapered body that features machined grooves and bisecting lines in what has become known as “frag”. The ringed-chamfer version starts tapering, then right before the grip area, there is a sharp chamfer that lessens the diameter and there are a set of rings that follow down to the tip taper; thus ringed-chamfer. These pens will feature our custom-designed, in-house machined pencil button; ensuring smooth, consistent operation.

The Hunter Orange Frag Retrakable Slim features a slimmed take on our Retrakt V2 pen, this particular version features our new “frag” grip profile for better grip when writing, along with our custom-designed, in-house machined button mechanism. These pencils have been finish-tumbled then had a gorgeous coat of orange Cerakote applied to them. The orange looks fantastic, not too bright with a good depth of color, plus it adds a nice texture to the grip so it’s easier to hold on to when writing or sketching. We’ve paired matte light grey anodized hardware for this release, the push-button and clip have been tumbled and anodized in this lighter shade of matte grey, and the clip is held in place with stainless steel Torx+ fasteners. You’ll be prompted to select from 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead insert before adding the item to your cart. Ships with a Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser.

Retraktable Slim Specifications:
Overall Length – 142.7 mm / 5.67”
Mid. Grip Width – 8.60 mm / 0.338”
Aluminum Weight – 18.5g / 0.65 oz