Operation Iceberg 75th Anniversary Commemorative Render K V2 Pen

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Commemorative Limited Edition

Operation Iceberg, or the Battle of Okinawa, commenced April 1, 1945 and continued for 82 days until June 22, 1945. It was the largest amphibious landing in the Pacific theater and the bloodiest battle of the Pacific War. The United States created the Tenth Army, a force of Marines and US Army, specifically the III Amphibious Corps (1st, 2nd, and 6th Marine Divisions) and the XXIV Corps (7th, 27th, 77th, and 96th Infantry Divisions) specifically for this operation. They were supported by the Fifth Fleet (Task Force 50) in the lead-up and amphibious assault of the island. The fighting was fierce with the Japanese countering the US assault in a variety of maneuvers that extended the battle deep into May before the Marines were finally able to take Shuri Castle and deal a major blow to the Japanese. The Japanese resistance ended in June 21st, though many Japanese remained in hiding on Okinawa, the battle left a heavy toll on all of those involved. Deaths were extremely high, with the majority of those killed being Okinawan natives, many of whom were pressed into service by the Japanese Army. The Cornerstone of Peace monument lists 240,931 names as of 2010 that perished as a result of the fighting, more than 149,000 of those names are Okinawan natives. The battle proved instrumental in the allied success in the Pacific War, though the reasons behind it being so key to the closure of the war are varied. 

75 years later we offer this commemoration of Operation Iceberg and those that were part of the III Amphibious Corps and XXIV Corps. We’ve selected our new Render K V2 and Fountain K V2 pens for this commemorative edition. These pens received an excessive heavy tumbled preparatory finish that gave the aluminum a “softer” look and feel. Then we’ve anodized the caps, bodies, and grips in a matte dark olive green very reminiscent of the combat uniforms worn by the marines and soldiers in the Pacific War. We adapted two specific symbols and laser-etched them to either side of the pen cap. First we have the dragon on a stylized shield with roman numeral “III” above, the insignia of the III Amphibious Corps. Opposite that we have the shoulder sleeve insignia of the XXIV Corp, a double heart inside a similar shield. On the clip we’ve laser-etched ICEBERG with a small iceberg glyph above it. Black hardware was chosen for this pen to keep the colors somewhat muted.

Each pen comes with a 3.875″ x 5.5″ pocket notebook with 48 page, 60#, uncoated lined interior. The cover is gloss kraft with a custom “newsreel” style graphic using some of the most famous images from the Battle of Okinawa.

The thread-on cap uses triple-start threads to securely attach itself to the pen and to allow the removal of the cap with only 1.5 revolutions. The new Sta-Fast cap features and internal silicone o-ring near the threads that seats on a machined flat just past the grip section, and provides a secure, tight fit that keeps the cap from coming unscrewed when pocket carried. Cap does not post on rear of pen. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Capped Length – 129.79 mm / 5.11”
Uncapped Length – 124.71 mm / 4.91″
Maximum Body Width – 12.7 mm / 0.5”
Grip Width – 8.89 mm / 0.350″
Aluminum Weight – 28.4g / 1.000 oz
Cap does not post