July 4th INK V2 Limited Release

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This year we’re bringing back more red, white, and blue-themed pens for Independence Day but with a twist. These pens feature Cerakote application, but in a distressed fashion, similar to some of the pens we released last year for Halloween. Instead of distressing with black, we’ve had the Cerakote applicator distress the blue over a base coat of red. Then they put white Cerakote on the clips and grips. A cool look that makes each pen truly unique.

The July 4th INK V2 features this special Cerakote application over our aluminum INK V2 fountain pen. The red has been laid down as a base coat on the caps and bodies and is then finished in the oven. The blue is then sprayed on in a thin coat, and only placed in the oven for a short period of time before the applicator removes the majority of it. This leaves a distressed blue coat over the red. We’ve selected our new Frag grip profile for this release, and they’ve been Cerakoted white along with the clips. We’ve intentionally left the threads bare of Cerakote so they won’t chip when capping and uncapping, as we received some comments about this on some of our other pens. Choose from a selection of polished steel and titanium nibs upon checkout. Ships with a Schmidt K5 Converter and two black Monteverde cartridges in our recyclable packaging.

Limited Availability

*Cerakote is a temperature-cured, spray-on ceramic coating that is used in a variety of industries including automotive, defense, outdoors, and sports. While Cerakote has been tested and rated at the highest levels of hardness, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and heat; it is not nearly as durable as anodize. Like all coatings, Cerakote can and will naturally wear when carried against objects of a similar or greater hardness than the Cerakote. Cerakote can chip or crack if dropped onto hard surfaces. Be advised this surface finish will wear over time, and is not as resistant to wear or damage as our standard anodize.

The INK V2 is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Nibs and Converters are made by Bock and Schmidt in Germany.