JUNE BUNDLE #2 – Copper Fluted EDK V2 Special


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For this bundle, we’ve chosen the copper EDK V2 with our first grip profile addition of machined flutes. This version is our high polished copper which has never been released on the fluted EDK V2 up to this point. We’re pairing it with an unreleased, non-pen accessories; a machined bead that’s been anodized in a matching black, and then put on a lanyard pull. Bundled together, you save $50 dollars on this complete set.

The Copper Fluted EDK V2 was first released as a very limited addition to our EDK V2 line in late 2017 with a later partial release in 2018. Since that time we haven’t had any of this grip option until now. Previously all releases were tumbled copper, but for this release we’re putting the finished pens through a polishing and protecting process that brings out the brilliance of the copper and then adds a thin layer of protectant to slow the patination process. We’ve paired this release with black bright dip anodized clips and black chrome screws and click mechanisms. The pens come with a black Schmidt P8126 refill.

The machined aluminum bead is made in-house on our CNC lathes from 6061-T aluminum. It was then heavy tumbled and anodized with matching bright dip black. We’ve used black 550 Type III MIL-C-5040 Paracord for the lanyard pull.

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