K-Mod Pen Holder


K-Mod Pen Holder

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For quite some time we’ve wanted to add more options in terms of desktop pen holders. While the Cube collaboration with Mike Dudek continues to be a great product for us, there’s always been the idea that we could easily add some options to our pen holders category. The Apollo 11 anniversary was the impetus we needed to give us a boost of creativity. We sat down to design a single pen holder that would pull elements from the command and lunar modules used in the Apollo 11 mission. The overall shape of the K-Mod pen holder references the overall shape of the Columbia command module that splashed down with the Apollo 11 astronauts. It’s a little bit skinnier, but in general we drew directly from the outline of the actual command module. We’ve then added tumbled aluminum “legs” in different colors that roughly reference the lunar module legs with large round “feet” to keep the K-Mod pen holder firmly on your desk. We’ve utilized custom foam inserts to ensure whatever pen you choose to dock in the K-Mod is kept ding free and right at hand. We hard tumbled the K-Mod before we had three custom colors anodized on them: Matte Red, Natural (Type III – Hard), Hard Black (Type III). The Matte Red K-Mod is paired with matte black anodized “legs”. The Natural K-Mod is paired with matte black anodized “legs”. The Hard Black K-Mod is paired with matte red anodized “legs”. The K-Mod ships in protective bubble wrap and a small box to ensure it doesn’t get damaged before it reaches it’s final destination.

Maximum Height – 74.93 mm / 2.95”
Maximum Width – 62.23 mm / 2.45”
Aluminum Weight – 275g / 9.7 oz