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From the Loch Ness Monster to Bigfoot, man’s fascination with the monsters that hide at the edges of civilization stretches back to the first stories passed down in the old oral traditions. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when two zoologists coined the term cryptozoology and took these creatures from the pages of folklore to the pages of nonfiction books discussing the existence of these hidden animals. Over time cryptozoology grew with people’s love for the spooky and unknown, with movies being made about different animals and eventually an entire subculture of cryptozoologists was formed following different cryptids throughout the world. This year we’ve chosen cryptids as the focus of our yearly curated release. Similar to the Camp Karas special release projects in 2019, the Karas Kreepers will be a multi-faceted release spread over numerous months. We’re pulling ideas and artwork from a creative commons cryptid map of the United States, then we’re taking the art and adding to it, moving it to different settings, and generally putting our own small flair on it. It’s a large undertaking, we’re planning to cover all 50 Cryptids, though only 10-12 of them will be featured on pens with corresponding stickers, many of them will be adapted to notebooks, and the rest will be put on stickers, buttons, and magnets. We’re launching this series right before Halloween to set the stage for the spooky nights to come.

The Karas Kreepers Notebook/Sticker Set 2 features two notebooks with custom cover art and one diecut, holographic sticker. Three lesser-known cryptids are the focus of this set, though their stories are just a bone-chilling as those of the most popular cryptids. Set amidst a ghostly wooded backdrop, the Specter Moose of Maine looks like it’s stepping off the cover of this spooky notebook and right into your front room. Believed to be escapees from the now-defunct Fairfield Hills Hospital, Connecticut’s Melon Heads, aren’t your typical New England witches or ghosts; these creepy creatures are thought to have engaged in cannibalism which caused their heads to expand. We’ve crafted a creepy asylum-like image where the Melon Heads hunger for more human flesh. South Dakota is known for its haunted roads, forests, and houses, but it’s also home to Taku-He, a lumbering “forest giant” thought to be the protector of the local forests. He’s standing in all his top-hatted glory on a holographic, diecut sticker.

The notebooks are courtesy of Jak Prints, a Colorado company. They measure 3.875″ x 5.5″, with a standard gloss 14 pt. card cover in full color. The inside features 48 pages of 60# unlined paper, more suitable for use with pencil, ballpoint, or rollerball though a fountain pen can work with some inks. The sticker is a vinyl, holographic sticker in diecut format from Sticker Mule, a worldwide printing company with headquarters in Colorado. This set features one of each notebook and one sticker.

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