KK-15 – Copper Multi-Use Tool


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Not the type that gets down on talk-like-a-pirate day? The copper keychain just a bit too small and limited in it’s function? We’ve got you covered. The KK-15 is our version of the “clean keys” going around the internet right now. It’s just thicker, made of antimicrobial multipurpose 110 copper sheet, designed in house with our look and feel, made right here in Arizona, tumbled then hand finished. Use it for all of the door opening, touch screening, keychaining, belt-hanging, back scratching, and other random stuff you can think of. The KK-15 is always safe to use if you’re unsure of the situation. Single finger loop with ridged thumb placement for increased grip. Weighing 1.9 ounces, measuring 2.9″ x 1.6″ x 0.25″.

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