Knox Copper Fountain K – Shipwreck Edition




It’s been over two years since we commissioned the last batch of Knox pens. In fact, those pens were all the previous V1 editions mostly of the Bolt and EDK, with a handful of INK fountain pens available as well. We’ve since made improvements to the design and functionality of our pens, and we thought it was high time we commissioned another round of Knox pens.

This is our latest Fountain K V2 in copper featuring our Sta-Fast cap system. We’ve painstakingly gone through the copper Fountain K pens, selected a very small batch of them, and had Don put his special touch to these pens. These have had a heavy etch applied to them to uniquely “score” each pen in a variegated pattern on the surface. Then he’s applied his blue “shipwreck” patina to the surface, giving them the look everyone loves. For the grips, we’ve left off the etching to leave the surface nice and comfortable, but he has applied the patina to the grips. We’ve matched the grips as closely to the pen body patina when we assembled them. They feature stainless steel clips and screws. You’ll be prompted so select from a variety of custom branded Bock nibs in steel, titanium upgrade options are available when in stock. This is a limited small batch of 20 pens.

Each pen is unique in the amount and distribution of the etching and patina. Pens will be randomly chosen when purchased and sent. Please do not request specific pens or “looks”. 

Our pens are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Mesa, Arizona. The Bolt V2 uses material and components sourced primarily from the United States, but also from Germany.