Lightbulb Premium Notebook 3-Pack (Blank)


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Our original premium notebooks are back with a new look and in three different versions. Way back in 2016/2017 we partnered with Vito and Gabriel at Story Supply Co on a run of true fountain pen friendly notebooks. The K Lightbulb graphic was put on a 100# grey French Paper Company cover while the inside featured 48 pages of 70# Cougar Natural blank paper. It was a match made in heaven. We ordered 100 3-packs and quickly sold through them. Since selling out of those, we’ve offered a variety of notebooks from a few other brands and while some were passable for fountain pens, none of them were truly fountain pen friendly notebooks. That changes now.

This 3-pack features the same K Lightbulb graphic applied to a 100# French Paper Company cover, but each notebook in the 3-pack is a different color: Nightshift Blue, Red Hot, and Lemon Drop, while the lightbulb motif is applied in awesome orange ink. We drew inspiration for the colors from the Arizona State flag, something we’ve done in the past in other areas but it looks great in this 3-pack. The inside is that same 48 page 70# Cougar paper in blank format, designed for the artist or rebel who doesn’t want to play between the lines. The notebooks have a two-staple system, and the staples are a near-perfect match to the orange ink on the cover. The 3-pack has a belly band that runs through the notebook specs and keeps them from flopping around in transit. These are made by Story Supply Co in York, Pennsylvania.

5.5″ x 3.5″ Format