Machined Pen Capsule (Decograph Tube)


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When it came to nailing down a box for our first resin machined pen, we wanted something that would provide extreme protection but also worked as a great “box” for the pen. We first looked at heavy cardboard telescoping tubes. But they weren’t tough enough for what we wanted. In one of those eureka moments, we realized we could make something that would function as a tube out of aluminum in a quick timeframe. So was born the machined pen capsule or what most people call it, the Decograph Tube. Fully machined on our large CNC lathes out of 6061 aluminum, it’s nearly indestructible. When threaded together, it’s also fairly watertight. Internally we had two open-cell pieces of foam cut for the top and the bottom to keep the pen from coming in contact with bare metal. We also had a closed-cell, neoprene ring cut to hold the pen in place. The capsule features our machined K Shield logo in the “lid” portion of the capsule.

Due to popular demand, we’re offering this item as a standalone purchase. We never expected people to ask to purchase our machined boxes or capsules, but as time has gone on we have indeed found that people want to purchase them. The capsule comes with the foam installed, and the foam will comfortably hold all of our pens.