Matte Black Delrin Decograph

Decograph Fountain Pen.

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We’re into the second production run of the Decograph fountain pen, our first pen in the Karas Signature Series. While the initial release of the Decograph only featured production (pens in large quantities that were standardized) pens in acrylic, we’ve decided to branch out for the second run and include production versions of the Decograph in Delrin and some metals. Great news if you’re looking for a Decograph that’s a bit more robust and ready to take on some killer adventures.

The Matte Black Delrin Decograph is the first of our standard Delrin Decograph variants. We’re keeping the U-2 Decograph and rolling it into this standard variant, but we’re also adding a version that features tumbled aluminum hardware. You’ll be prompted at checkout to select the Matte Black Delrin or Tumbled Aluminum Delrin. The Matte Black is our U-2 Decograph with 2020 updates: a one piece aluminum clip and a flat bottom finial without the laser engraved logo. It’s just as indestructible as our first U-2 release but with a better fit and finish. The Tumbled Aluminum Delrin Decograph might give you visions of an iconic pen from Germany. While ours doesn’t come with a cool piston filling mechanism, it is machined out of super robust Delrin, then it’s tumble finished to give it an amazing tactile feel when you’re writing with it. We’re affectionately calling this one the Karas 2020, just another wink and a nod to that classic fountain pen from the 60’s that’s still just as popular today as it ever was. The tumbled aluminum finials, clip, and grip really blend well with the matte finish Delrin and make an awesome writing instrument. Paired with our K logo’d nibs in a variety of sizes in polished steel or titanium (both look WAY better with the titanium nibs, but that’s just our opinion) this one is sure to turn heads or maybe not, they might not even be able to see it that’s how stealth these are. The production run of pens a minimum of 200 pieces, but due to high demand we might sell out before we complete another production run. If you don’t see a purchase option available, shoot us an email or complete a contact form on the website.

We smooth, tune, and hand test every single one of our nibs regardless of material, cost, or finish so you can write with your Karas fountain pen right out of the box. We provide a writing sample from the nib you’ve been sent initialed by one of our in house nib test team. While we ensure every nib writes, some materials are picky and don’t like to work with certain inks or methods of ink delivery. If you’re having issues with ink flow or performance please contact us via email.

Each pen ships in our custom made and marked pen capsule, with a polished steel nib in sizes EF–B, 1.1mm stub, or 1.5mm stub, a standard international converter, and two black standard international cartridges. Titanium and 14K gold nib upgrades are available for an additional charge when selecting your nib.

Manfuctured from US made material with corresponding parts and accessories made in Germany and Austria.