Matte Blue & Bronze Fluted Bolt V2


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Small Batch Special Release

Sometimes we’re down to just a handful of raw pens that we somehow forgot in the warehouse. Most of the time we can easily come up with a cool option for a new colorway, that was the case with this release. Initially, we had just around 100 raw Fluted Bolt pens that we heavy tumbled and sent out for matte blue anodize. Unfortunately, as has become somewhat common of late, over half the batch came back to us unusable for this project. So this became our latest small batch release. The bodies of the pens have been put through our heavy tumbled process of 3+ hours of tumbling in a new special media. Then we’ve sent them off for a dark matte blue anodize treatment. Once they were back, we installed our standard stainless steel clip and screws, but we added a Bronze knob to this release. It is slightly reminiscent of our Prospector colorways, we jokingly refer to this version as the Miner colorway. The bronze will patina a bit faster and into a softer, brown-ish hue than brass will, which gives this pen a unique look. The slightly heavier knob gives this pen a wonderful balance when writing. The pen features the Pilot G2 refill in black but can easily be converted to a Parker style refill.

Limited release of 50 Pens.