Matte Blue Decograph Signature Edition




This Signature Edition is a very small release specifically curated due to a request for a blue fountain pen with copper accents. The matte blue is a lovely shade that works well with polished copper. This is another one of our customer requests that we’re happy to see come to fruition.

When we can accommodate customer requests, we like to do so. The Matte Blue Decograph Signature Edition is one of those requested pens that we’re happy to offer in a small-batch release. We knew the shade of blue would be the really tricky side of this release. It needed to be darker than many of the blues we’ve received recently. So when we got back this batch we immediately paired it with copper accents; the final product looks fantastic. A truly unique writing instrument made for all of your writing needs. Each Decograph ships with a Schmidt K5 converter and two black Monteverde cartridges. Ships in our custom recyclable packaging.

Limited Availability

The Decograph is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Schmidt and Bock manufacture their products in Germany. Monteverde cartridges are made in Austria.