Matte Green Ringed Retraktable Slim Special Release



2022 Retraktable Re-Launch Special Release

Copper Customization

The Retraktable Slim mechanical pencil is a slender version of our Retraktable mechanical pencil. Based on our Retrakt pen, the Retraktable was first designed as an adaptation of a standard Retrakt. The Retraktable Slim is designed to better match the external diameter of a pencil with our own style and functionality cues machined into the look and feel of the pen. There are two available grip options that will be used for the Retraktable Slim: a frag pattern and a ringed-chamfer pattern. This is the ringed-chamfer version that starts tapering, then right before the grip area, there is a sharp chamfer that lessens the diameter and there are a set of rings that follow down to the tip taper; thus ringed-chamfer. This is part of our Retraktable Re-Launch that features the Brass, Copper, and a selection of Special Release colorway options.

The Matte Green Ringed Retrakable Slim features a slimmed take on our Retrakt V2 pen, this particular version features our new “ringed-chamfered” grip profile for a new look and better grip when writing, along with our custom-designed, in-house machined button mechanism. These pencils have been heavy tumbled and then sent out for a special matte green finish that is unlike any of our standard green anodizing. It’s a light green with decent transparency that is from a different anodizer. We’re giving you some CUSTOMIZATION options. From the beginning, one of the unique things about our writing instruments comes down to allowing the customer to customize the look of the pen with different colors and materials. For this release, you’ll be asked to Select Hardware, which will open a dropdown listing Matte Grey Hardware and Copper Hardware. The Matte Grey Hardware consists of a matte grey anodized aluminum button mechanism, matching matte grey aluminum clip, and stainless steel Torx Plus fasteners. The Copper Hardware consists of a polished Tellurium copper button mechanism, stainless steel clip, and Torx Plus fasteners. Our mechanisms are designed, machined, and assembled in-house giving us more control over the process to eliminate manufacturing defects. You’ll also be prompted to select from 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead insert before adding the item to your cart. Ships with a Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser.

Limited Availability