Matte Olive Retrakt V2


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The ever-popular matte olive anodize is finally available on the Retrakt V2. Heavy tumbled raw aluminum Retrakts were sent out for an awesome coat of matte olive anodize. Then we’ve completed the pens with black hardware for that classic look we first rolled out with EDK. The matte anodize over tumbled aluminum makes for an easy grip when writing, so you won’t have to worry about hand fatigue. We’ve selected our matte black anodized clip with black screws and black chrome click mechanism for this release. The pen ships with a black Pilot G2 refill.

50 pens available

The Retrakt V2 is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot refills are manufactured in Japan.