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Meteroreia, Meter Oreia, Magna Mater, Cybele, Matar Kubileya/Kubeleya are all names for the Anatolian mother goddess. Likely the national deity of the Phrygian people; she is the only known female goddess of that ancient civilization. Greek colonists to this area of modern-day Turkey adopted, then adapted her into their own theology and spread her influence to mainland Greece. Her popularity rose in Greece to the point where she was listed in the Homeric Hymn 14 as “The Mother of all gods and human beings”. She was associated with Rhea and Demeter, and her title Meter Oreia (Mother of the Mountains) sprang out of the Grecian ideas about the “barbarians” of Phrygia. Rome also adopted her into their pantheon as Magna Mater (Great Mother) or Magna Mater deorum Idaea (great Idaean mother of gods). Her official introduction by the Roman Senate into Roman society coincided with the Second Punic War. The Senate consulted with the Oracle of Delphi and the Sybillene oracle and both said Carthage might be defeated if the mother goddess was brought to Rome. Her influence spread and grew through Rome even into the highest of Roman society, who had statues of Cybele carved with the faces of their own wives.

The Meteroreia Vertex Special Release is our Mother’s Day 2022 special release. Erinoid Cyclamen acrylic was sourced from Turner’s Workshop specifically for this release. The Cyclamen material is a double swirl pattern in a base of off-white acrylic. The first swirl is a red that does not contain any chatoyance or shimmer. The second swirl is a vein of glittery gold. The overall look of the material is absolutely stunning, and we knew it would be perfect as a special Mother’s Day pen. We landed on the use of Meter Oreia, or Meteroreia, due to the way that word looks but also a visual representation that was used by Ish when creating the lid art. Cybele was often associated with mountains, lions, and wore mural crown (a crown that is shaped like city walls or towers). Featured predonimently in the middle of Ish’s art is an icon that we feel sums this up: a mountain range, a lions mane or a mural crown; all in a modern style. His art, once again, tells a wonderful story of its own for this piece. When you select your Meteroreia, you’ll be prompted to choose from three grip section options: Light Green (Coke Bottle) Transparent, Red Transparent, or Smoke Transparent.

The Vertex is our second release in our Signature Series which is built around using plastics and other resins as the main parts of the pen. From the beginning, we wanted to create something that looked, felt, and functioned differently than other pens on the market. The Vertex’s basic design is that of a classic eyedropper pocket fountain pen. It functions with only four parts: a cap, barrel, grip, and nib. Simply add ink to the reservoir, and you can happily write pages of notes before you need to refill. Eyedropper pens can be tricky and messy, and we wanted to eliminate some of those concerns. During the engineering phase, we implemented designs of custom-fit o-rings to eliminate the need for silicone grease to seal the grip and nib areas. We wanted a smooth transition from grip to barrel, so we moved traditional breakpoint from the section back, and using a third o-ring in the cap adapted slip cap functionality for the pen. The longer grip section allows for the use of an “ink window” with transparent materials which adds a little flair to the pen. The Vertex looks and feels streamlined and aerodynamic with soft tapers, a cigar-shaped body, and a concave cap top; the Vertex is at once futuristic and reminiscent of the classic lines of Parker and Sheaffer pens. The Vertex is the latest step in our Design.History.Technology influenced Signature Series.

Comes standard with a Bock polished steel nib, with upgrades in titanium and 14k gold when in stock. The #6 nibs units are manufactured by Peter Bock in Germany. Also included with each pen is a 2 ml soft pipette and 2 black Monteverde ink cartridges. Each pen is designed and machined, by us, in the USA.

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