Naval Gray Decograph Special Release Rollerball


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Initially planned as our final WWII commemorative edition for release on September 2nd commemorating the surrender of Japan aboard the USS Missouri; the company we partnered with for several pieces of memorabilia could not meet the deadline even with months of lead time. We decided to release just the pens, set up as rollerballs rather than keep them in the warehouse. 

We don’t often anodize a Decograph all one color, outside of matte black it can be hard to get each piece to color match or in some cases even come close to the same shade. However, this release features a single color matte Naval gray, anodized on body, cap, grip, rollerball tip, finials, and clip. Our anodizer did a spectacular job on these pens, and they look absolutely stunning. The pens were heavy tumbled prior to sending them for anodize, and the after the matte finish was applied they have that great “grip-able” texture you’ve come to expect from our matte finish pens. Outfitted with the Pilot G2 refill in black, the pen can be switched to a fountain pen with the addition of a Bock 250 (#6) nib and standard international converter.

50 Pens available

Overall Length (Capped) – 137.27 mm / 5.40”
Overall Length (Uncapped) – 128.46 mm / 5.05”
Overall Length (Posted) – 162.56mm / 6.4”
Grip Width (Min) – 9.35 mm / 0.36”
Grip Width (Max) – 10.77 mm / 0.42”
Body Width (Min) – 9.51 mm / 0.37”
Body Width (Max) – 12.57 mm / 0.49”
Cap Width (Min) – 13.49 mm / 0.53”
Cap Width (Max) – 15.23 mm / 0.59”
Aluminum Weight – 34.4g / 1.21 oz