October Bundle – Tumbled Pen & 4k Pack


$125.00 $100.00

Tumbled Render K and Tumbled 4k



Our monthly $100 dollar bundle comes back around with an all tumbled bundle, but this time it’s a pen and a 4k pen holder.

The 4k Pen Holder is our latest desktop accessory designed and machined to hold your pens, even the non-Karas ones. It features a two-piece “lid” and “base” system that capture three pieces of custom cut foam. The foam middle and top foam pieces have slightly different sized holes to give a “tapered” effect and better keep your pens from moving around. Hex fasteners are used to attach the lid to the base, and four rubber bumpers keep the 4k from sliding around your desk. This version is raw aluminum that has been heavy tumbled to give it that wonderful variegated look and feel. We do not plan on offering this finish on the 4k or 8K as a production option, so now is the time to act if you love tumbled pens.

The Render K is our first ever pen, though this is the V2 version complete with Sta-Fast cap system and easy conversion to a Fountain K with just the addition of a grip, nib, and ink delivery system. These pens are heavy tumbled in the same media used to tumble the 4k and have that great EDC look and feel to them. Setup with a Pilot G2 rollerball, but can be easily swapped to a Parker style ballpoint.

Width – 2.45 inches
Depth – 2.45 inches
Height – 2.3 inches
Weight Aluminum/Aluminum – 9 ounces