“Pocket” CUBE Machined Pen Holder


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The new “Pocket” CUBE Machined Pen Holder is a new variation of the standard CUBE Machined Pen Holder that was suggested by a few people who wanted a large slot or pocket in the cube to hold non-pen related products. We felt this was a good idea, and have set about machining a small batch of these pen holders we’re unofficially referring to as the “Pocket” CUBE.

Each “Pocket” CUBE is machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and features 6 black Delrin inserts, rubber feet, custom surface finishing, and high-quality engraving. We are currently only offering the raw machined version of the “Pocket” CUBE; we may add tumbled versions in the future. The custom-machined inserts are pressed into the body of the CUBE and have a bore of 9/16” to accommodate most pens. The machined pocket is 2.5 inches long, 2.5 inches deep, and 1 inch wide. We’ve machined it in such a way that the pocket is chamfered and smooth inside to eliminate any sharp corners or burrs. The rubber feet keep the CUBE from sliding around and slightly elevate it from the surface it rests on, giving it the illusion of weightlessness, however, the “Pocket” CUBE does in fact weigh around 1.85 lbs. This insures that your pens will be safe from being accidentally knocked over, or rolling off a desk. Each pen is separated and will not knock into each other, causing unwanted damage. Plus, you can safely display your pens and business cards in a unique and organized fashion.

The CUBE Machined Pen Holder is the result of a collaboration between Karas Kustoms and Dudek Modern Goods, and machined in Mesa, Arizona.

Pens and Other Items Not Included