Pocket Modal



New Release

While considering how best to allow for the standard Parker style ballpoint refill to be used with the Modal functionality, we debated on whether to simply offer an adapter kit or to go further and have a separate pen. In the long run, we decided to do both because we realized the separate pen could be a smaller pocket pen that was still balanced well and super functional. We used the EDK lower barrels which allows for the use of the traditional Parker style ballpoint refills and the Schmidt P8126/7 refills which are popular liquid ink refill option. This pen is nearly 0.5 inches shorter than the standard Modal, but still fits comfortably in the hand. It’s even easier to carry in a pocket with the pocket carry clip. And it will feature a similar material and color scheme as our EDK pens use, primarily tumbled finishes and matte anodize.

The Pocket Modal follows quickly behind the Modal production release and features the same elements as the standard pen. A modified “checkmark” J-slot with low-profile oval button and a Delrin slider. The combination of these three elements makes for extremely quick and smooth deployment of the refill. Likewise, it takes a simple flick of the thumb to retract the refill making the pen ready for pocket carry. The pocket carry clip means there isn’t anything sticking out of your pocket that will bind up or catch on anything. With the tumbled and matte finishes, the Pocket Modal makes for a perfect field pen no matter what the weather is like. Select from a variety of ballpoint refills or the liquid ink Schmidt P8126/7 refills to customize this pen to your heart’s desire. Aluminum Pocket Modals ship with a black Delrin slider. Tumbled brass Pocket Modals ship with white Delrin sliders. The body, clip, slider, and button are designed and manufactured in our facility in Mesa, Arizona.

Length – 116mm / 4.6″
Body Width –  11.11 mm / 0.437”
Width w/Clip – 14.73mm / 0.577″
Weight (Aluminum) – 22.3g / 0.78 oz
Weight (Brass) – 58.9g / 2.07 oz

Limited Availability

“Many G codes and M codes cause the machine to change from one mode to another, and the mode stays active until some other command changes it implicitly or explicitly. Such commands are called “modal”.” – Dynomotion.com

The Modal is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot refills are manufactured in Japan.